Vac-Tech, Inc. Parts Cleaning Services

VAC-TECH offers a viable cost savings alternative to in-house pump repair or replacement, valve rebuilding, and parts cleaning. Our repair technicians have a total of over 25 years experience/b> in vacuum theory, application, and repair of production vacuum pumps<.

Vac-Tech’s Parts Cleaning facility offers different types of wet cleans, media blasting and Co2 cleans.

  •  Vac-Tech offers free local deliver and pick up for all parts cleaning services.
  •  All parts are kept separate from the time they enter the facility to the time they leave, and cleaned in separate cabinets to control cross contamination.
  •  Parts are blasted according to what type of media required, dipped in an alcohol tank, wiped down in a clean room, and packaged in a clean room.
  •  Vac-Tech parts cleaning services include: Implant (all platforms), CVD, PVD, Etch, and we service major OEMS.

CO2 Blast cleaning has been used successfully in the semiconductor industry to clean: throttle valves, bellows, positive resist track bowls, applied 5000 turbo screens, isolation valves, blower flanges, teos valves and other critical parts.

Advantages of the CO2 blast cleaning include:

  •  Substantial reductions in cleaning time
  •  Recover and reuse of parts normally discarded
  •  Safe containment of hazardous materials
  •  Effective alternative to acids, solvents and hand scrapping

Parts cleaning, CO2 cleans

  •  Ceramics
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Aluminum
  •  Anodized aluminum
  •  Silicon Carbide
  •  Titanium, Graphites, and more...