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Vac-Tech pumps save money in the long run

1/28/2014 scottlucas58 Articles Phoenix, AZ, USA

Vac-Tech provides pumps that are durable and made to run for several years resulting in less rebuilds required over a ten year period. The product we provide has more bang for the buck and might appear to cost more than our competition in the short term.

Vac-Tech has factory trained technicians from Edwards that are some of the best they had prior to them moving their facility to Mexico.

VT pumps are rebuilt using Edwards OEM kits from our consignment inventory through Edwards that is a complete major rebuild and not only seals and o-rings as with most aftermarket kits.

OEM kits include:

  •  Filters
  •  New head plate sleeves 2 each
  •  Custom fit Seals
  •  Quality bearings- cheap bearings lead to premature failure.
  •  Proper o-rings, many aftermarket kits use standard o-rings; really cheap ones even use Buna o-rings that break down from process and temp.
  •  OEM kits have the correct metric Viton o-rings that are proven to last in a semiconductor application.
  •  VT has invested in OEM special tooling and other special tooling, for example a separate non-OEM booster shaft seal that is dual lip to reduce the amount of shaft seal leaks in booster pump’s (the booster seal that comes with the OEM kit is discarded) VT replaces all claws and sleeves with freshly recoated Teflon claws and sleeves on every rebuild:
  •  Vac-Tech utilizes the same company as Edwards to recoat all claws and sleeves VT rebuilds the TCV valve with every pump rebuild:
  •  Edwards will evaluate and if it fails then rebuild it but Edwards used to rebuild them every Q/IQ rebuild until their newer generation pumps came out.
  •  Most companies will only rebuild as needed
  •  Vac-Tech has determined best to rebuild TCV valve due to several field issues identified by our onsite FSE’s VT replaces the blower motor bearings on every rebuild:
  •  Another issue identified by our FSE’s that is not a standard service provided in OEM rebuilds. VT has invested in OEM specified tooling that is used to properly shim and set the timing of a pump.
  •  Tooling specifically designed for VT that improves upon OEM design.
  •  Edwards’s software to reset alarms, counters, zero sensors and test gas modules. VT has identified ongoing field issues with seals and purchased VT specialty fabricated tooling that is not known to the OEM to properly seat seals and isolates these issues. VT created a test bay that runs vigorous final testing to ensure pumps can handle customer requirements:
    •  Excessive heat test
    •  Pump on chamber and simulate load by opening valve to ATM causing pressure spike

Approximate Pricing: Dual lip seals = $50; Claws and sleeves recoated = $430; TCV valve rebuild = $390